About us

We are a team committed to support in prevention and reconstructing of natural disaster affected areas including their businesses and local communities.

Mainly we are offering a service to transmit the carefully examined and evaluated research reports to the public in order to support and improve the situation in prevention of natural disasters and the restoration.

The CIRCLIDGE also conduct a research and evaluate reports to help companies investing in new business opportunities involving the disaster affected areas.

Transmitting data, Experience, Knowledge that are gathered among the past natural disasters occurred in Japan. Selling professionally created research reports relating to the natural disasters.
Conducting research to gather data relating to damages and recovery status in the affected area caused by the natural disasters.
Supporting new business opportunities involving prevention of natural disasters, recovery from natural disasters, and reconstruction of affected areas.

Company data
Company :
Synclex Enterprises Inc.
Address :
The Exchange Tower
130 King Street West, Suite 1800
Toronto, ON M5X 1E3 CANADA