Ongoing Projects by CIRLCIDGE

CIRCLIDGE is providing not only research reports relating to natural disasters but also conducting various research to support ongoing projects relating to the natural disasters in different fields.

  • “Revitalize the Potential” PROJECT

    It is greatly encouraging to see that the many regional areas in Japan trying to get involved promoting the industries such as an Agriculture Industry, a Fishery Industry, a Manufacturing Industry, a Tourism Industry, etc. by utilizing the disaster-stricken area produced products as a highlighted feature to help the local restoration plans.
    However, unfortunately, it is also evident that these efforts are negatively and significantly interrupted by the issues involving in human and natural causes. The fact is that today’s society facing a depopulation, a lack of successor, a struggling economy, as well as natural disasters like typhoons, heavy rains, earthquakes, etc. is sadly causing the failure outcome to be witnessed.

    CIRLIDGE is committed and focused on supporting the revitalization of the disaster-stricken areas and their communities and businesses as part of “Revitalization the Potential Action”.
    There are many locally produced superior products in disaster areas that should be proudly offered to other non-affected areas in Japan.
    CIRCLIDGE does not only support offering these products to non-disaster areas within Japan by utilizing our research reports but also extend the vision to global level in order to revitalize and to improve the disaster affected community development.

    Recovery Action caused by Natural disasters

    [2012]”The Regional Recovery Action for The Great East Japan Earthquake 2011.3″

    Revitalization Action for the Regional Industries

    [2012]”Amami Oshima Ilands and Kikai Island Regional Revitalization Action”